Happy new year!


Happy new year to all the DIY-ers out there!

Here we go, soon we shall celebrate two years of our build. Two days ago the festivities were embarked by our first plank, which was epoxied on to the port side of the boat. Most of the glassing on the inside has been completed. Now we are working on the starboard. The plywood has been glassed, just need to bevel the stringer, cut the plank to shape and glue it on. We are still pondering on which rudder hinges to get, most likely going to weld our own. Today Joosep filleted the inside of the freshly laid plank, I did work on the starboard stringer. Here are some more pictures:

There is also a new page with a comprehensive build gallery, here.

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2 Responses to Happy new year!

  1. Van Buynder Frank says:

    This looks like a very nice seaworthy boat. Are Plans available . How much do they cost?How capable must one be to build such a boat and how much time must i calculate.Could I maintain some Informations please ?

    • Uku says:

      Hello Frank,

      Yes the plans are available via John Welsford: http://www.jwboatdesigns.co.nz/plans/fafnir/index.htm
      How much time it takes to build the boat depends on how much time you put in and the resources you have available. So it is very individual. Costs will also depend on your preferred construction method. We built the boat for 5x longer than expected and it took ~4x more money than expected. Our launch budget was ~6kEUR spent over 5 years. However we were students back then with lots of other things to do.

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