Digital hinge



Next to create a layout of all three hinges and some other hardware, then we know how much steel to order.

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  1. Hi Uku, just reading your profile on the experience tour. I only found out last weekend about the project, I applied, but with +-550 votes I think to short notice :(. But read some applications and I think great and inspiring people applied, one is you. I tried to subscribe to your blog, but can’t find it.
    Anyway, if you might end up visiting the Netherlands one day, let me know!
    Cheers, Jorieke van der Stelt (The Netherlands)

    • Uku Uku says:

      Hello! I don’t think we have a RSS feed avaliable for some reason. You can “like” the blog’s Facebook page, we link our posts there every time. Thank you for the kind words! We’ll see tomorrow, who gets selected and who does not. At least we can say we tried 🙂 I take your comment as an invitation – and the same to you, if you find yourself in Estonia, let me know!


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