The promised pictures

Well, soon it is May. We’ve lots of maybes going hot with that. But foremost: half the planks are now on the boat and the interior works are on the verge of completion. It is a long verge, though, as the past has shown us. We ended up ordering rudder hinges from Duckworks, as bending 3 mm stainless steel with a bench vise seemed awfully threatening. We understand that 1 mm steel will bend, but resigned the idea after seeing a 4 mm test piece we obtained. Windows have also been cut. Polycarbonate seems a facinating material. This is what covers the PopeMobile’s windows to make them bullet proof. It has quite different bending properties when compared to organic glass, which snaps under pressure. 8 mm polycarbonate can be bent 180 degrees back and forth several times with no breakage. It can be scratched, relatively easily. There are polycarbonates available with scrath proof coatings. Joosep obtained some stainless steel pulleys and we had a chance to test out our inside-cabin steering system. The rudder blade has been laminated, next task is to cut and laminate the two tiller holes. Our new 3o kg patch of epoxy is dissapearing at an alarming rate, with 1/3 of it gone in a month. Also: acetone did a wonderful job at cleaning our 2 year old epoxy pumps. Here is the gallery:

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