The season starts

Here we go! Joosep got back from Switzerland and I came out of the forest to continue the build of our dearest Fafnir. Yesterday we glued the fifth plank to the boat, now three remain. Joosep bought 6 new sheets of plywood too, for we have wasted a ton, ought to take a picture of that as well. The aft shelving is now more or less complete, which also completes the interior structurally. The rudder is nearing completion and so is its’ steering system, which we had a little trouble understaing at first, but that was simply our problem. Our acetone smeared polycarbonate window will be repaired thanks to one of the blog readers who offered his help. Now, since we only have planking at hand, should progress be more visible and satisfying. Next build session is this weekend. Over the summer, though, the club of “DIY boaters” tripled, as two friends of ours also built a boat. Joosep’s brother completed a light sailing dinghy, out of okume marine plywod, we should add, as did Anni, who built a Portugese style dhingy, for which the plans are avalable here. Joosep said that sailing his brother’s  boat was “good fun.” Though there was some difficulty with tacking and the leeboard, which wanted to float out of water. Experiences with Anni’s boat have yet to be digitalized. Lets have the lot in pictures:

And, as it so happened, we were invited to speak on national television about or boatbuild in spring on a “good morning” show. You get to see us two speaking:


I remember having some sort of skin reaction with all the makeup applied. Nevertheless, it was early in the morning.

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