Tried to take her down


A few days back, we had a freediver, Erki, come sail with us. Or rather, he was dragging along on the lake attached to the sailboat via a long line. We took down all sails at a deeper part of the lake so that Erki could do his freediving routines without peing pulled up by the speeding boat. There, Villem and I got bored and decided to toy around with heeling Kvark. It ended with Villem climbing almost to the top of the mast. We heeled her perhaps 80 degrees portside. The experience is that she is not easily upset and recovers easily. Turtling her could perhaps be acheived by loose cargo on board (a few hundred kilos plus the sailor inside), but not otherwise. Her hull is just that round. Also, we now have a GPS track with speeds marked. A few pictures:


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