Happy new year!

Hello, sailors!

Have a good year! Dream a “big” and babystep it trough. One of my new year promises is to add one entry per month to the Famous microcruisers page. This means that by the end of 2016 I should have written twelve entries for that page. Sounds like an excellent plan, does it not. All other relevant posts about Kvark will still come trough as additional material. Anyhow, I start off January with Hugo Vihlen and his world record North Atlantic crossings on the extremely small 1.8 m April Fool and 1.6 m Fathers Day. The latter should still hold as the world record for the shortest sailboat to cross the North Atlantic. The boat was shorter than the sailor. April Fool is equipped with a seatbelt enabled seat for keeping the sailor in place in rough weather. Something to concider for Kvark as well. Have a good read and leave a comment!


Hugo Vihlen on Fathers day after crossing the Atlantic in 1993. Image courtesy of National Maritime museum.

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