Railings and oak


Here we go, the push to sea has started. We have now a new railing in the fore of the boat. This is to prevent people from falling overboard and for fixing portside and starboard “lifelines”, the ropes you can harness to. We have the epoxy primer and antifoul for painting the boat below waterline. We finally have custom sails! With the possibility of reefing the mainsail! We never had a reefable mainsail before. That is exciting. We even have a liferaft and a ton of other equopment to get us certified and all legal. Right now, Kvark does not exist de jure, a problem for the state, obviously. Unfortunately we have to get Kvark registered as a category C sailboat. Categories B and A will cost 5k EUR at least, plus a ton of time.

Next up will be painting, fixing rigging the gear to the boat, transporting and … sea! We discovered some bare oak under the keel when washing off freshwater gunk from the hull. That is a bit of a concern. But as Joosep put it: the keel is meant to get it rough. So we are simply going to paint over it, fingers crossed. Here are pictures:

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