A side project

Well, no updates for some time, but the time has been spent well. As a side project I just completed an arc welding rig out of some old microwave ovens and an old PC chassis. First welds will be to my bike saddle, but I see a potential use of it in the shipbuilding as well. Perhaps weld up the rudder hinges?

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4 Responses to A side project

  1. Bryan Lowe says:

    We would love to see more of your work! Bryan

  2. Carlos says:

    What happen with the boat? You stop build her? We want more!

    • Uku Uku says:


      There has been a stop in the building, but we are going to continue soon. Right now we can’t build during weekends, but we are fixing that. The university started again and the weekends are essential for the build.


  3. joosep joosep says:

    Hey all, we’ll be getting back to the workshop soon, the thing is that I was on an extended trip during the summer and now it’s taken some time to reorient myself, but work will start again next week.


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