Newest version of Windows

Today I installed windows onto the boat. It is the first copy and will probably stay as is. Not totally plug and play, needs some tweaking before it can be epoxied onto the bulkhead. Some supports here and there. This interface will be good to look trough when sailing in a storm, shielding the sailor from the wind and water.

Installed windows.

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2 Responses to Newest version of Windows

  1. Rod Cahill says:

    Looking great. Thinking of building one of these myself. Eagerly awaiting your next instalment. Keep up the great work!

    • joosep joosep says:

      Hi Rod,

      Thanks for the comment. This week will be a bit slow since Uku is away in the UK and I’m preparing for an exam, however I hope to get some measuring done and will post pictures once I’ve been down there.

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