The shape of things to come

Busy-busy! The bulkheads are mostly in place now, we’ll be gluing them in the next few days and then start with the stringers. We’ll have to redo the forward crash bulkhead since our forward stem changes its shape a bit.

Things are really taking shape and everything looks hopeful!

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7 Responses to The shape of things to come

  1. Jamie says:

    Lookin’ good guys, we’re all cheering you on.

  2. Rait says:

    Pretty big. Keep it up!

  3. Carlos says:

    Oh, beautiful!!! You are making a very good job.

  4. joosep joosep says:

    Thanks everbody! Suured tänud julgustamast.

    We were at the workshop today again, but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures. I’ll put up some new stuff in a few days.

  5. Rod Cahill says:

    I have now purchased my Fafnir plans. Interested to see what modifications you do to the forward bulkhead to accommodate new bough.

  6. Rod Cahill says:

    Also getting JW to send plans to include Junk rig configuration

  7. joosep joosep says:

    We’ll do a longer post on the bough modifications once we get there. For now we’ll be building a steaming rig once Uku gets back and then start bending the stringers.

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