String theory

It definitely was a theory of strings when we weighed various concepts on how to tie down the load of new stringer wood we bought today. We found the mill thanks to local professional boat builders, who have amongst other old wooden boats built a world unique

The only Peipsi sailing barge in the world, courtesy of

Peipsi sailing barge (which we have sailed with). After a shop tour they told us that mechanically dried wood is prone to snapping when bending stringers. One needs naturally dried wood, somewhat moist. So that is what we did, called the mill, went there and bought ourselves a bunch of rather raw wood. In the mill the wood felt very different from what we had handled before, it was springy and easily bendable. We also got to choose any planks we wanted. A very nice place with nice people called Corex. It was adventurous fitting 5 m long planks on a 3m car. Earlier that day I epoxied another bulkhead into place. Here are some pictures:

We also bought the necessary sewage piping and hosing, plus some more clamps, to start our steambox construction. But this will wait until the first week of February, since the studying is stepping on our heels. Next update then!

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