The hull is now completed. We laid the keel today and fixed the last plate. The keel still needs to be epoxied, but things are looking good. Looking forward to sailing in the summer.

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moving on

I haven’t written in a while. We are preparing to finish the keel and paint the boat. That means lots of epoxying, a minimum of 3 times inside the keel. The other panel will be attached with Sikaflex 292i, which is apparently stronger than the strong force of Nature. Here are some pictures!

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2014 – a flipping year



This is not a letter from santa nor a manifesto filled with new-year promises. Rather, another one of those updates which tend to surface now and then, though yes, about three times longer than average. The building frenzy is now over. This means that we will not be spending day-after-day in the garage, working on the boat as we did for almost two weeks. It is back to the weekender  format of work. Some everyday labour needs to be done as well. The boat has been flipped again. The main difference is that it now has a keel. True, without lead, but a keel still. Oh, and casting lead bricks was rather fun. A flood of pictures from the past weeks:

Woah, that took long to write. Until next time!

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