She sails!

Say hello to “Kvark” (Quark in english, the particle), she made her maiden voyage today, on the 27th of July 2015. It took for years, but the results are well worth the time. First some pictures. A longer follow-up post will come later:

Thanks very much to all our supporters, especially Raivo, Tehnikaüliõpilaste Selts, our mothers and fathers, and all other good folks!

To be continued..

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Rigging, pt. 7


More is to come, but we are getting really close. Can it really be that we launch next week? Time will tell.


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Protected enemy from above


The dark side strikes: whe have a bunch of common terns nesting on the rooftops right above the parking lot, where we keep our Fafnir in dry dock. Yesterday I planned on installing the fore deck hatch, but was terrorized by the dinosaur decendants. I guess a hard hat is in order, as almost recommended on this YouTube footage (not us, but some dude under a fun attack):

Fortunately all tern species are under protection in Estonia, so all we can do about it is build along and passionately wait until the young have left their nests around late September to flee the autumn and winter.


I did work inside and welded up some equipment for splicing our steel cable. Work continues! The launch is aimed towards next week.

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