Spring is coming – are things moving along?


It is getting warmer by the day. Snow is now very sparse and the sun throws a brighter glimpse at least once a week. The most important update is: the reworking our sails seem to be progressing at the makers guild. As soon as the nights stop freezing, interior painting will be finished. Meanwhile, a motivational video:

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Rigging, pt. 4


I have now three times re-tied the blue plastic sheet covering our boat. That is a dry-land warning that all that can come loose – will come loose. Other than that – the sails seem to finally be in the making. Also, as the title of the post says, santa came late and brought some stuff:


The blocks are by an Italian company called “Osculati” for 10 mm rope, turnbuckles are 8 mm (with interesting and much needed swivel ends for fitting to our chainplates), 125 mm cleats and a large cleat/bollard for the anchor and mooring.

There will be more! A crucial part of the hardware is dependent on sail design, which is still “floating”, as the electrical engineer would say. It will be grounded.

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Winter storage

Happy holidays!

It has been long since the last post. Unfortunately, not much has changed. Except for adding rudder hinges and painting the interior of the boat, installing the mast step and a few more little things. In general, the masterplan is to buy all the rigging hardware and finish trimming the sails in the coming months. Aiming at a 2015. summer launch.

Meanwhile, Rod Cahill from Australia sent me a small gallery of his Fafnir and allowed to post the pictures here. Thanks Rod! It is somewhat elongated, having three cabin windows on the sides. Enjoy the pictures:

The next post will be about unboxing hardware.

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