Working clothes

You are at home, eat your lunch and go to the garage. At the garage you think – ah, I’m not gonna bother to change clothes, nothing is going to happen. Beleive us, everything is going to happen. I don’t know where to start. Epoxy, a nightmare. It does not come off, unless you incinerate your clothes. Sharp corners always want to rip your pants when you walk past them. Epoxy drips on your shoes. Once I was using an engine block that was lying around in our garage as a compressing unit when epoxying. After the glue had set, I lifted the engine and spilled most of the motor oil onto my clothes. Luckily, I had changed. You can see the black oil on the picture, on the pants. Get a shirt as well. I prefer to have no sleeves, because sleeves always want to rip your hand off when they get stuck in power tools. Sleeves do protect from paint and epoxy on the other hand. It is good to have pockets, but it is not a must. Depends on your style. Style is important here, most important. Get designer items (joke).

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  1. Raivo says:

    Parimaid tööriideid on põll!
    Ja selleks ajaks kui epotööd muutuvad valitsevaks hankige palun endale Tyvekist ühes tükis valged maalrikombinesoonid. Hoiavad tolmu ja epo riietest eemal. Kapuuts on ka kyljes 🙂
    Jõudu, Raivo.

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