Still in business

Last year I boasted taking on a trip to Gotland with Kvark. The pandemic put a dent in that plan. However this was a small dent and the plan still holds – now panned for July 2021.

Work was done on Kvark last season and it is ongoing this season too. We are planning on getting her launched in end of April.

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4 Responses to Still in business

  1. Gerald says:

    Hello from Canada, are plans available for this interesting little boat KVARK? If so please advise. Gerald Acord, Thank You

  2. BOB says:

    Could you post a picture of the inside, and show how much space there is?

    • joosep says:

      Hi, check the video on our latest post for some shots of the inside. It’s pretty roomy – seats 4 with ease and a ton of space for gear. Sleeping would be a different matter…

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