Cordless drill

Another must have tool is the cordless drill. Now, here is where quality does matter. Firstly, the cheapest machines have no electric brake in them, making them, well, a bit uncontrollable when doing fine work. Secondly, cheap drills have shit batteries – literally. You save time and nerves when you get a good cordless drill. Good ones come with two batteries. They have at least two speeds, both in clockwise and anticlockwise modes. Good drills have chokes, from very low to locked position. Very good to have a choke. For example, when screwing fast a plywood plate with a locked choke, you dig the screw head into the plate, which literally means that the plies above the dig have no purpose – the screw holds weak and causes delamination in the plywood. Also, get good screwing bits, very important. Bad ones wear out fast and can cause problems. Worn out bits wear out good screw heads. Get a good assortment of drill bits as well. Depends on your build. Don’t save up here. This tool is important.

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