End of season 2018

Hello, all!
Autumn storms are coming here in the Baltic. We receive progressively less sunlight every day, the sky is murky and the frequency of storms is increasing. Sounds like a scene out of a Nordic noir crime film. This also spells the end of sailing season for 2018. Usually sailboats here are taken out of water in the end of October, but I decided to act earlier, as the past storms raised water levels so high that the dock was underwater and the only thing seen was the sailboat.

I had three friends over to help with taking Kvark out of the sea. I had to move the boat from one pier to the other one, under engine, and decided to take the guys out to sea for a small run. It was raining all day. Fortunately we had moderate wind (around 9 m/s), and it was from the South, so waves were small in the port and not interfering with pulling the boat onto the trailer.

Now the next task is transporting the trailered Kvark to Tartu, a trip of about 180 km, which we’ll have to transverse 30 km/h due to the law.

For some reason WordPress does not allow me to upload a photo of where Kvark is on the trailer. I’ll post that next time!

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