Remembering the unsinkable

Today passed 100 years of RMS Titanic sinking in the North Atlantic ocean. A ship that was thought unsinkable. Well, ours is considered unsinkable as well, given that there is enough foam flotation on board. Blue stryofoam is the name of the game which will keep the boat on water, even if it ought to hit an iceberg twenty million times bigger than itself. During this epic day we first lifted out the superstructure of the boat from the building rig. Lifting the hull with two people was not a problem. We beveled the portside chinelog and cut out a plank template. Basically one sheet = one plank, for the lowest plank that is. The upper ones are narrower. Both gunwales are installed and the boat is very solid now, no wobbling when thumped. Here is the evidence:

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2 Responses to Remembering the unsinkable

  1. Carlos says:

    Oh, pretty great work, congratulations!
    I can´t wait for the time she float…and sail.

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