Clipper Around the World


Well, this time it is not strictly about the boat. I seized an opportunity for getting a Gore-Tex sponsorship for the third leg of the 2013 Clipper Around the World yacht Race (Wiki here), which is, well, a pretty awesome round-the-world race on 60+ft monohull racers. The third leg is from  Cape of Good Hope to Wester-Australia. I’m not on board yet, the first round is a public voting session, after which there will be a jury and a skipper council to make the last filter. This would be a great opportunity to learn something actual before going to the Atlantic, or the local lake, with Fafnir. So, that is why I ask your help, gimme a vote! Here is my motivation page (together with the voting button):

Vessels in the Clipper Round the World Race approach the starting line in Halifax Harbour at the start of the 200-mile “Democracy 250 Race” between Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia where the Nova Scotia to Cork Leg would officially begin. – Wikipedia

Thank you so much!

By the way, pictures of the build tomorrow.

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