May yay!


As I write this, the first thunder of the spring is rolling over our sleepy hometown Tartu. It is great yoy, for some undescribable reason. The nature seems to like it too: birds start singing, leaves turn greener at a faster pace. Boom! There we go again, this one was close, windows are thumping. Now comes the delicate dance of raindrops. So, today we put on four polycarbonate cabin windows. Nothing comes free. It turns out that polycarbonate and acetone do not mix well. Unfortunately the knowledge diffused too late, as we now have a white smudgy stain on the left window. Other than that: some transom shelving, rudder works and general prepping for boxing up the frames. Only one stringer left to glue. Then there is the sweet goodbye to climbing into the boat from either of the sides. Lets have it:

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3 Responses to May yay!

  1. Rod says:

    Come on. Where’s the next installment?

  2. Rod says:

    I hope that you haven’t lost interest in your Fafnir? Click on site every couple of days expecting to see a finished boat????

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