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Hello, sailors!

Sorry for the slack in post-production. I intended to write a small article every month starting from January, but I failed. Graduation deadlines are pressing hard and I’ve had no time to write anything meaningful. It does take time.

I visited Kvark by the lake on the 3rd of May. And I was really glad to see it, smell it and touch it. It has definitely survived the winter. I had a peek under the cover. The varnish (LeTonkinois) is peeling off slightly from here-and-there. So that will have to be refurbished.

I plan on starting work on Kvark as soon as I get my university stuff done. That is around 2-3rd of June. I have decided to simply antifoul the hull, attach a railing, check and refit any critical rigging assets and then call it OK for launch. I’ll have to take the word of smarter people that barnacles do not grow in the dark (they need flowing water) and thus I shall not plug up the water-ballast tanks. We are not going into tropic waters this season and the shipworm teredo navalis is not an issue in the near Baltic due to low salinity and cold winters. Lets have the pictures:

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