Moments before ..


I tried a new title in the fashion of modern blogging-vlogging. That is in the lines of “you wont believe your eyes”, “there was something strange”, “I finally have it” or “moments before”.

So, moments before getting the boat to the sea – yay! We have agreed to transport Kvark on the coming Wednesday. But there are still things to do.

Kvark is antifouled! Well most of her, the rudder sheet and three smallish spots still need to be done. We also have an anchor! Without further due, the gallery:

And here is a test of the anchor:

Next up:

  1. Finish painting (including rudder sheet)
  2. Polish-remove sharp points on mast sailguide
  3. Complete handrail system
  4. Complete welding the anchor
  5. Complete the locking system for the hatch
  6. Install 360deg toplight on mast
  7. Get registered
  8. Get to water
  9. .. the stuff I forgot about

    All is good!


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