A video that ended with rescue


Kvark ended its second season on sea. This time with some new type of “fat” under the belt. We took on a more serious journey from Käsmu to Tallinn (about 70-80 km). The trip took three days with plenty rests in between. Though, yes, all the sailing was in rather strong upwind 9-10 m/s and progress was slow. The motor helped at times. Here is a shot from the last day, right in the middle of Muuga bay, on shipping lane of the largest Estonian transit port, with rising strong wind and larger waves than the video can tell (they were 2 m):

So about two hours after this video was taken, we called a rescue boat to come tow us to port. It was declared a SAR call (search and rescue). Long story short: we lost our mainsail, the engine took in water and died, and we were going back-and forth on the shipping lane with big tankers on it. Shit hit the fan and we were tired of it. But everyone survived, including Kvark 🙂 Lessons were learned and next season will be better. The sail back from Tallinn to Käsmu was a one day trip with good downwind sailing. Thank you!

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  1. Mike marino says:

    Hi guys

    Glad everything worked out OK. just order a set of Fafnir plans. I am living in the Philippines and thinking I’m going to have trouble finding all the building materials that will be required. Thanks for taking the time to blog your build had a big influence on my discussion to build a Fafnir.

    Thanks mike

    P.S. can you tell me lumber size for the keelson probably no oak here so need to find the next best thing no size on study plans.

    • Uku says:

      Thank you for the support, Mike! The plans should certainly have the measurements for the keelson. I do not remember the exact figures by heart. Try the John Welsford Facebook group for info. John frequents the page and can answer questions there.

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