Fiberglass fun

We’re epoxying the inner areas of the boat and covering the living spaces with fiberglass, which is a pain. Takes a lot of time and very messy. We should get the lower side panels on after that. We’ve also added deck support stringers for the foredeck.

Pikk jutt, kehv jutt.

Also, check out what kept the blog slient for some time: thesis

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3 Responses to Fiberglass fun

  1. Steven Crawford says:

    Hi there, I am following your Blog from here in New Zealand. Thankyou for putting it up. Its really helpful to see this design taking shape before committing to building one myself.

    • Uku says:

      Glad you like the blog. We have currently halted the build until august, mostly due to work.


    • joosep says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for taking the time to write us. It’s always good to hear from other interested builders-to-be. As Uku said, currently there is a quiet period, I’m doing an internship away form the town and Uku is busy with work as well. Expect to hear from us come September! I’ve been working on 3D-modelling of boats and hydrodynamics in the meantime, I might do a post on that.


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