Preparing for third season on the sea: 2

Season preparation this time was quite similar to the last: consisting mostly of work. However we did celebrate Kvark finally landing on her custom built trailer! Now all that is left to get her waterborne are some additions to the trailer chassis. After that we plan to explore the nearby ports, preparing for some longer legs later this summer.

As you see, we opted for the classic “Egyptian” style of work: using levers to slowly creep Kvark upright into her trailer. The first night of this work ended in a slight frustration due to exhaustion and mosqitoes. But then, things took a seriously positive momentum when we met the local Pruuli family who gave us shelter, wine, sauna, tall tales, a good nights sleep in an actual bed and morning coffee. Thank you very much, family Pruuli! In the morning we had a fresh breeze of ideas, plus the help from an hydraulic jack and the local museums men Titus and Virko. Up she went!

We also did some painting. Of course on the freshly welded steel on the trailer and the anchor, which Uku welded up three years ago.

This time in Käsmu reminded us the need to acknowledge and be thankful for all the good people that we’ve met when building and sailing Kvark. She is like a silent bystander and matchmaker, getting the odd look and the very frequent question “Why does she look so.. strange!?” Then we say:”She was built this way.” There is a saying that a weakness can be a virtue. This is very true for Kvark. Build a boat and you will not win prizes in money or pristine looks, but you will win in all the stories you hear and the compassion that people have for your ambition and story – and the inspiration you can give to others.

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2 Responses to Preparing for third season on the sea: 2

  1. Rick Cavett says:

    I have read through your postings with keen interest. I plan to begin my own Fafnir project within the month, with the same intention as you: to take it across the Atlantic, from the U.S. to Europe. I have started a website at
    Your experience as related in your blog will be extremely valuable. A respectful request: Would you post some more pictures of the interior of your boat? I am still working out how exactly that will be configured.
    Fair winds this season! Warmest regards, Rick

    • Uku says:

      Hello Rick,

      I’m glad to hear there are more Fafnirs being built. I’ll start working on the boat again in a month and I’ll post some pictures of the interior then.

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