Rigging, pt. 3


Autumn is approaching and so is the deadline of our occupation of the building space we have been stationed in for 3 years. So there is now an outside pressure to getting the boat to water soon. I finished constructing the boom gooseneck. To my surprise, I could pull 4,8 mm stainless rivets by hand with my Stanley rivet gun, albeit palms received pain. Roughly 2/5 of the boat has been painted with an oil based enamel, white, called Pentaprim. Stinks well and a respirator is needed. I used a larger 10 cmm wide brush to apply the paint. Leaves a good cover. I wont go for a second layer. Right, the sails are in the making and after painting the inside, rest of the rigging can be fastened. Also, the companionway is finished. Pictures:


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  1. Rod says:

    have been following your progress for a couple of years now and have even bought fafnir plans. As luck would have it I found a completed fafnir close to my 25 foot boat and have negotiated to exchange boats. Send your email and I will send copies of my new boat. you are welcome to put the photos on your website.

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