Rigging, pt. 2


Today I discovered that it is relatively easy to sharpen drill bits – you need a bench grinder and a 118 deg guide. It took 15 minutes of practice to get a working bit. This means I could finish the mast step and the rudder hinge. HSS bits are no good for stainless and harder steels of its kind, they simply wear down and are heat sensitive. They say that the next best is HSS-Co (Cobalt). I ended up sharpening all my drill bits. Don’t need to buy one for a long time now. So, the mast step is finished, so are the rudder hindges.

I spent about half a day sanding the nooks and crannies of the boat interior. Another half day session is needed to get the sharp points off. I’m not going for a luster, just so that the surface does not look like the Himalayas. It is a Dremel paradise. I’ll make a video.

Then there is the work on the rudder tiller, which is underway, and also painting of the hatch – now painted. Waiting for some funds to get interior paint and oak varnish. That’ll be next weeks topic. Meanwhile thinking of boom-mast connection. A dry ft is in order by the end of next week.


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